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Tree Lot Southern Cal 2007

Pumpkin Festivle Southern CA 2007

Reservation Desk Buffalo Bill Village 2009

Columbina Cabin Resort 2010

PGE Park 2012

ODFW 2013

Cascade Hatchery 2008

ODFW 2015

Corona CA 2007

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Workampers Rick & Kim Martin

Welcome to Workamper Team Martin

Workampers, Camphosts, Onsite Security.

Honest, Experienced and Reliable Professionals. 

Paid and Volunteer Work Locations

Sesional Workers RVers Workampers 

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"17+ Years of REFERENCES"

We are honest, healthy, nonsmoking workampers, 63 and 64 years of age, pursuing rewarding, full-time and temporary onsite positions at RV Parks, Campgrounds and Private Resorts throughout the US. As a team or individually.
Contact us: e-mail (8am-7pm PST).

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About Us & Our Rig

We are Camp Hosts, Caretakers, Volunteers, Facilities Resident Managers, Reservationists and Guest Service professionals. We also provide Trailer Transport Service, Onsite Security and have DPSST Certifications for Oregon and Nevada. We are bondable independent contractors registered with CCR, DUNS and have TPIN numbers. More about us  www.facebook.com/rick.martin.5015983

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"Tax Help for RVer's and Multi-State Workampers"

Do you have income from more than one state? Want the security of knowing your tax returns are prepared accurately? Want to know about all the advantages you are missing out on? Want the convenience of completing them from home? Crystal Leibham is an experienced tax pro with many years of multi state expertise. She has helped hundreds of workampers like us. Visit: www.crystalcleartax.com and view the convenient options to get your taxes done right ďall from the comfort of your RV." Call Crystal 503-516-6594 and mention Rick and Kim.

Rick & Kim St Louis Ponds 2007


2020-2021 Portland OR / San Diego CA

2019 - Jackson Hole WY / San Diego CA / Fort Bridger WY / Portland OR

2015-18 - Sparks NV / Portland OR

2014 - Las Vegas NV / Gilbert AZ

2013 - Portland OR / Gilbert AZ

2012 - Warm Springs OR / Fernley NV

2011 - White Salmon WA / Crazy Horse SD

2008-10 - Tucson AZ / Cody, WY / Clark, CO


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Workampers team martin

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Rick & Kim's Travel Album

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Our photo album has images of interesting locations we have visited. Also visit About Us page to view photos of our rig, and our Special Moments page to read stories of our travels and adventures.

Blowin Show 8500 feet Colorado Rockies Foothills 2010

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Never leave a fire unattended

ODFW 2013
 Frozen Cougar ODFW 2013

Our position preferences

Full time RV living is a lifestyle of the free spirited and adventurous. In the past they were referred to as gypsies or nomads, but today they are simply called full-timers or workampers and their numbers have swelled dramatically.

Some earn a living, or supplement their income, as mobile employees, temporary staff workers, RV home based business owners (self-employed, independent contractors) and with camp jobs or other jobs on the road.

These working travelers are also known as workampers, work campers, work-campers, not yet retired snowbirds, seasonal workers, RV workers, workers on the road, mobile workers and house sitters.

Early semi-retirement has allowed my wife and I to enter the full-time RV lifestyle. Over the past years we have traveled the US working and volunteering at various locations and gathering information for future articles. Kim and I sold our small newspaper business "The Local Fisherman News" and began our adventure of full-time RVing on February 1, 2006.

We developed this Web site to provide other like minded workampers and family members with a place to connect with us and read of our travels and work experiences.


"Please Recycle"

The Nature Conservancy - Environmental Conservation Organizations, Land Conservation Trust   


This site is also designed to be an in depth source of information for current and future employers, as well as other RVers, workampers, camp hosts, volunteers, caretaker hosts and full timers.


Personal security while traveling and living in an RV is one of the many issues I will address as we continue developing this site. After many years of professional private and corporate security work, I will present my personal tips on staying safe while traveling by RV.


Trailer life has many advantages, the best of which is mobility. Others include lower living expenses, no commuting, always having everything with you and making friends with some very interesting and exceptionally nice people along the way. Not to mention living and working in some of the most beautiful and interesting places in the US.


Kim and I have always experienced a spiritual awakening while exploring the great outdoors. Our numerous camping adventures with our two daughters, over the years, have strengthened our family bond and increased our respect for each other, nature and our planet.


We enjoy helping to maintain and care for our nations forests and parklands to insure the continued preservation of these natural areas for future generations.


Take Pride in America - logo


20 years from now you'll be more disappointed
in the things you didn't do than in the things you did.

                                                      -- Mark Twain

The forest is our temple and nature our guide as we sew what we have reaped workamping side by side.

                                                -- Rick L Martin

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